Saturday, January 12, 2008

this isn't getting any easier

This is definitely our last child because I am NOT doing this again! I have felt worse this pregnancy then I did with Lance, everyone tells me it is because it is a girl, I guess we will see in six months. Thursday afternoon I had terrible indigestion which then turned to extreme nauseous because I waited a little too long to eat dinner and then last night I was so bloated that I was miserable. I woke up at 2:30 and had Jeff pray for me because I was still so miserable, I couldn't sleep, and I was at my wits end. This morning I woke up with a horrible headache and my stomach still doesn't feel right and I am a bit stuffy which makes me gag. Tomorrow I will be 10 weeks and with Lance at this point I was starting to feel good and almost over the whole hump of nastiness. I know I shouldn't complain there are lots of people who would love to be pregnant and a child is a blessing, but I am a bad sick person, I hate feeling bad and I just can't seem to get this whole food/eating thing down. If I eat too much I am bloated or have indigestion, if I don't eat enough I am nauseous, I just feel like I can't win.
Since I am on a complaining rant I should mention that my first doctor appointment is in 2 weeks! I will be a few days shy of 13 weeks at that point! The office that I go to doesn't usually see people until 10 weeks and since my doctor is obviously very popular I don't have my first appointment until January 25. I hate this not knowing what is going on, it is weird, but other than switching doctors there really isn't anything I can do about it. I have already gone in for the financial where they tell you how much money you have to pay and when it is due. My nurse visit is on Monday, there they will take ridiculous amounts of blood and go over my worksheets that talk about any health problems the baby may inherit from Jeff and I.
I do have something to be thankful for: whoever has broken into my car does it at night and not during the day when I could interrupt them. My mom's best friend's husband came home from work one day this week to have lunch. He doesn't lock his car during the day especially when he is only home for 20-30 minutes. Anyways, he heads out towards his car to return to work, opens the car door and there was a man sitting in his car attempting to steal his CD player. He immediately heads back inside and calls the police, he didn't want to confront the guy because he didn't know if he had any kind of weapon. The guy was nice enough to apologize before Peyton went inside and he didn't take the CD player he just left right away. Can you imagine, opening your car door to someone inside trying to take something? Or being so clueless that you don't even notice someone is in your car until you open the door? So after hearing this story I realize that I am quite thankful that whoever goes into our car steal our stuff doesn't hang out for us to find them. Also I have cleaned up my car really well and will try to never leave anything of value in the car again, I hope I can do this, it is hard when you have to grab purse, ipod, charger, phone, child, child's belongs, anything else we may have brought or bought, but I can't let someone take something a third time.
Also, I got more information about the drunk guy in our driveway. Turns out it is the son of the woman who lives in the house across the street and 3 doors down (he doesn't live in there he was just visiting). After leaving our house he tried getting in his car, set off the car alarm, went in the house to get his coat, set off the car alarm, tried to get in the house and realized he locked himself out of the house, set off the car alarm again, called someone on his cell phone, set off the car alarm a few more times, a friend arrived and the guy and friend walked away. Our neighbor said that they were watching the drama and realized who he was and planned on calling the police if he was successful with getting in the car because he was way to drunk to drive. She was also a bit worried that the guy would come over to their house to ask for the spare key that she kept, but he must have been way to gone to think that clearly. The mother of the guy apologized to our neighbor and said she was quite embarrassed about the whole situation and that her son has been getting way to drunk lately. I told our neighbor to tell her that she is lucky we didn't call the police and next time we probably will. I just don't understand why people get themselves so drunk that they aren't capable of any kind of reason. My neighbor confirmed Jeff's guess that the guy set off the alarm eight times. Eight times! Eight times, why on earth did he not just give up and go to bed, oh, i forgot, he locked himself out of the house or at least he couldn't figure out how to get back in. So it looks like I get a good night's sleep every other night. If this keeps up I am going to be so sleep deprived when the baby finally gets here I will be as out of it as the drunk guy the other night. Speaking of sleep, I could really go for some about now, but I am currently watching the shop so Jeff could volunteer down at the skate park. Hopefully he will get here, I will pick up Lance at my mom's house and then we will head home and take a good long nap. My fingers are crossed!

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Randi said...

I'm so sorry your having a rough time this time around:( I pray for the weeks to fly by, and that the 2nd trimester is a lot better for you!


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