Wednesday, January 23, 2008

nintendo obssession

Lance is obsessed with the Nintendo. My sister had our old Nintendo at her apartment and for something to do on a cold day we borrowed it for a few days. We had no idea that Lance would be so enthralled with it. All he wants to do is play, he grabs a controller and thinks he is playing and he is also content just to watch one of us play, he prefers Mario Brothers to anything else and he even knows how to turn on and off the Nintendo, it is too funny. Jeff and I last night tried to beat Super Mario Brothers 3, but we couldn't get past level 3, it was harder than we remembered, but I was amazed at how much I remember from childhood, such as hidden spots and what enemies to expect. I don't know what Lance is going to do when we return it in a few days. Lance even got my mom addicted when she came over for dinner last night, he sat her down and made her play the original Super Mario Brothers, it was fun to watch because she got really into it. We have let Lance play a few times, but he just knows how to jump. Jeff and I had joked about getting some kind of game system for these cold winter evening with no good TV (thanks to the writers' strike), but I don't think the new game systems are as much fun as the older ones, or maybe I am just old school. I wish we had an old Atari to play with, I could go for some Pitfall or Pole Position.
On a totally different note I am so frustrated I have no clothes to wear, nothing fits, not even my maternity clothes! I went by Old Navy this morning, but their slim selection looked unappealing and everything that I like at Gap is over fifty dollars and since we don't plan on having anymore I don't know what to do. I am amazed at how few maternity clothes I managed with while pregnant with Lance- 5 pairs of pants, and one of them I could only wear the last couple of months, and of those 5 pairs, only 2 fit now and with a toddler they are filthy at the end of the day so I am definitely going to have to get some more. Even my tops don't fit, they aren't wide enough in the shoulders and so they feel weird and ride up, I didn't know that my shoulders had widen that much. After trying on a lot of my clothes I am left with 4 shirts, 2 sweaters (that I won't need much longer), 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of pant, not enough to survive unless I do laundry every 3 days which is a non-option. I am frustrated because I seem to never be pregnant during the right times. When I was pregnant before we didn't have an Old Navy, last year when not pregnant we got one with a large maternity section, this summer they reduced their section to half a section with very limited options and I am sure with my luck, next year when not pregnant they will expand again. I have a tough time finding clothes because I am small to begin with, but I get huge (lance was 8.5 pounds) and no one I know is close to my size and been preggo with clothes to borrow and a lot clothes available don't fit (Target's maternity stuff is too big). On a similar complaining note: my friend who had a baby last month said she was able to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes 2 weeks after having her baby, 2 weeks! AHHHH! I am skinny and I appeared to lose my weight fast, but I couldn't wear my pre-preggo clothes until 7 months after Lance and there are some clothes that I got rid of because I never did get them to fit again. I just can't believe someone could wear clothes 2 weeks later, wow!

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Meredith B said...

Every now and then I would find some really great stuff at Once Upon a Child. They used to have a bit of smaller sized things...the bonus is "new" clothes without the new clothes price!!!


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