Thursday, January 10, 2008

dawn direct foam

Last month I was given a sample of Dawn Direct Foam to try. I have tried it and there are some aspects that I really liked, but some that I didn't. I was quite surprised at how far one pump lasted. It didn't make it through a whole sink full of dishes, but it went farther than regular dish soap. It didn't work as well on the scrubbing brush I used and it lasted longer on the large sponge they sent with the sample in comparison to my regular small one. The scent was very different and wasn't too bad, i think I would prefer the citrus or lime scent because a few mornings the smell grossed me out, but nowadays every smell has the potential to gross me out. I would not buy it again for myself because I prefer to use soap I can use in the in-sink dispenser because I have very little counter space, but I would consider it if we ever get a bigger kitchen.

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