Wednesday, December 05, 2007

my favorite Christmas ornaments

I can't choose just one favorite Christmas ornament. I love all the ornaments I have because most of them have been gifts from family and friends over the years and they tell the story of my life. I have a snowman that is dressed in colors of the school I taught at. I have ornaments made by my 95 year old grandmother. I have ornaments representing seasons of life- a pregnant smore ornament. I don't have a themed tree well maybe if you count our history as one. Our tree represents us and every ornament has a story and I love to share those stories with friends and I can't wait to share them with Lance when he gets older. So my favorites are:

Jeff got me this one. I love it because it is so whimsical and happy.

This is one I got when I was in preschool from my aunt and uncle. I loved Strawberry Shortcake. This ornament represents my early childhood and reminds me of when times were simple.

This is my baby bell, my aunt and uncle gave it to me for my 1st Christmas. It is missing a piece and has been glued back together, but it was my very first ornament.

My mom is very organized and she has a list that she made that included description of ornament, who gave it to me, and the year, so I can remember the history of every ornament. I have started this for Lance too and I hope it will be as special to him one day too.


donna aka spuddy buddy said...

We don't do a theme either. I think that's very impersonal. If I wanted a soulless tree, I'd go to the mall.

We have a habit of buying ornaments on every trip (minus business trips unless it's to somewhere cool) we take, so every year when we get the ornaments out, it's like a walk down memory lane.

I should post some of my favorites too!

Deanne said...

Just peeking in from Oh Amanda to see your favorite ornament(s)! I am impressed that you have (1)your first ornament and (2)the Strawberry Shortcake ornament from when you were in preschool, then of course (3)that your mom (and now you) have a list of the ornaments! It would be nice to remember the who's and when's, I must admit! :)

oh amanda said...

I love it! The Strawberry Shortcake is the best...the for real "vintage" one with the real bonnet and not the new modern hat! How cute.

I love keeping track of who they are from. My mom just gave me a bunch of my old ornaments. I was thinking of doing them in a shadow box and a little tag to say who they were from. Now you've got me inspired!

Jodi said...

Cute ornaments!!

lmilla said...

Sarah - thanks for reading my blog, and that is absolutely CRAZY that some who read my blog would've seen that exact cross-stitch ornament before! I know that those kits were everywhere (apparently late 70's early 80's :) ) but maybe 3 people have ever read my blog before, and you have one like it too! I wish I could remember what was on my brother's - I think it was a boy pulling a Christmas tree like he had just cut it down. Do you still hang yours on your tree?

I love the idea your mom had about keeping a list for each ornament! I might have to start that! Thanks again for visiting!


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