Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1- that lance is a better mood today, we had some problems yesterday and it wasn't a good day, he was at the end of my patience, he was very whiny and yelled a lot, but today he has been so good, not defiant, playing by himself, not as demanding (though he can't talk yet, he can be pretty darn demanding, leading me everywhere)

2- for the five dollar gift certificates I get for having a kroger credit card, my bill went from 26 dollars to 21, yeah!

3- for walks in the snow, yesterday we had cabin fever so I put lance in the stroller and bundled him up and went for a walk, it began to snow on our walk and it was nice to enjoy being outside and the snow (the snow never accumulated, but it was still pretty)

4- for dishwashers, i have been putting off cleaning the kitchen because my hands are so chapped that they hurt, but it could be worse, if we didn't have a dishwasher I would have to wash everything by hand and then I would really have chapped hands, i love my dishwasher and I try and only buy kitchen stuff that can go in the dishwasher

5- Jeff not working his morning job- because he doesn't have to get up, i have been able to have an hour quiet time every morning which really has helped me these last couple of weeks

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donna aka spuddy said...

Have you tried using rubber gloves for dish washing? I know it sounds so June Cleaver but it helps. I wash Bridget's stuff in water as hot as it goes. I found some neoprene gloves with cushy insides and they don't make your hands all stinky from being in them.


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