Wednesday, December 05, 2007

let it snow, let is snow, let it snow

It is snowing! I hate the cold weather unless it is snowing, so today I don't mind the cold. I was hoping the snow would start last night so it actually had an opportunity to stick to everything, but it started at about 8 this morning. Even though I no longer teach school, the idea of waking up and looking out and seeing snow still excites me. I feel bad for all the school teachers who have to deal with the kids who are beyond hyper about the snow falling down, they will probably get nothing done today. It is definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I just have to not think about the fact it is suppose to be 60 on Monday. I can't wait for a real snowfall, I pray we will actually get some substantial snow this year.
When it rains it pours here in our household. Saturday, i think, our sink leaked. Well it is still having problems and this time the pipe that supplies water to the sink is leaking. This is going to be tricky to fix since if we mess up, we could have water pouring out and it could be a disaster. Jeff didn't get a chance to fix it before he left for work so to be on the safe side he went under the house and turned off the water to the sink (and possibly the washing machine too). So the kitchen sink is out of commission again today. There are so many things that need fixing and doing around here and with it being the Christmas season Jeff just doesn't have the time to work on anything and we don't have the money to hire anyone. I just want to get ahead for once.

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