Tuesday, December 04, 2007

bed head and a weight lifted

Lance has some major bed-going on this morning, well actually I haven't done anything about it so he still has it. Anyways, it looks quite funny. This morning we enjoyed some pancakes with Daddy before work.
Jeff told him the pancake were hot so was making sure to not touch, he is so funny about hot things these days. (the picture above is him making sure he isn't touching the hot pancake)

He also likes to try and blow out the "candles" we have in the windows as decorations. He has so many funny quirky things he does and he understands a lot of what we say to him, but he doesn't say anything, with the exception of "daddy." I try not to worry, but it is hard not to.

A weight lifted- I have been worried about a friend of mine for several weeks now and I got good news today that her MRI came back clear. This is such good news, she had been afraid that she had MS or a tumor. I know many of her friends and myself included have been worried about her and now we can celebrate that whatever is going on isn't the worst that we all feared.

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