Monday, December 03, 2007


Saturday afternoon Lance attempted to trim the tree. Friday night when we were putting up the tree he wanted to use the garden shears that Jeff used to trim the top of the tree. We wouldn't let him have the shears and we tried to convince him that his toy pliers were the same. He didn't fall for it, but Saturday afternoon he was trimming the tree with his pliers, it was very cute.

Saturday night despite the cold weather we headed downtown to see the Christmas parade. I haven't been to the parade since high school and that it because I was in it. Anyways, it was an adventure, Lance would either love it or hate it. He actually appeared to be some where in the middle. He didn't like it when the trucks would honk their horns, but he seemed quite mesmorized by the floats and the whole experience. The highlight was when the Frito-Lay truck came by and they passed out tons of chips, cookies, and snacks. I got a bag of Sun Chips, my favorite! We also got tons of some kind of fruit chip which was kind of strange but Lance really likes them. Even though I was cold most of the time and it was kind of cheesy I am glad that we went.

After the parade we put the ornaments on the tree. We tried to get Lance to hang up a few, but he usually pulled them off right after hanging them up. He really loves the tree and taking ornaments on and off the tree. I found some shatterproof ornaments and I am impressed how they look like glass balls and not plastic. In fact, my mom was convinced that they were glass and rearranged some of them while she was babysitting last night in fear that Lance would break them.

Sunday we went to church, Lance took a nap, I finished reading a book, and then I headed over to a friend's house to make Christmas cookies. I thought it would take about two hours, but after three hours I headed home and though we had the cookies made, only a few were decorated. The decorating is the fun part and I only got to decorate 5-6 cookies and I feel bad because I left my friend with a mess to clean up.

Today I was able to go to small group which was nice not having to worry about Lance the only problem is, Jeff had Lance this morning and he let him fall asleep for about 20 minutes which has totally ruined our schedule for today. I don't think that I will have naptime to get anything done. With Lance awake it is one step forward and two steps back, I clean one thing up and Lance messes something else up. It is very frustrating. Also, bills are due and guess what, we currently have no money, it is all in inventory at the shop and business has been kind of slow. The situation stresses me out and of course doesn't seem to affect Jeff which then makes me more frustrated.

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donna said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. A parade sounds like a great family activity.

Sorry to hear that finances are tight. I hope things turn around quickly!


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