Saturday, December 01, 2007

not a great morning

If this morning is any indication of what today's is going to be like, I should head back to bed. It isn't that bad, but it was interesting. First off, Lance has had two dirty diapers so far, two in one day is surprising, fortunately though I only had to change one because Jeff did the first. This morning I decided to make blueberry muffins. I put them in the oven, set the timer, and then was cleaning up the kitchen since I didn't last night. Timer goes off to let me know the muffins are done; I hit the disposal switch so I can wrap up cleaning to tend to breakfast when water begins gushing out from the cabinet below the sink. I immediately turn off the disposal, but my brain dead self doesn't think to turn off the water. Well it turns out that the pipe connected to the disposal fell off (i guess from the shaking of the disposal being on). So Jeff and I leap into action to contain the water and ground up food, meanwhile the muffins are turning brown! Note: water plus ground up food makes breakfast look not so appetizing. Jeff cleans up the mess and I finish up the bacon. I go upstairs to use the restroom while Jeff starts the eggs. By the time the eggs and bacon are done the muffins are cool and burnt slightly, but I think I can get past that. We sit down and dig in. A bite of muffin and then a bite of egg. Crunch goes the egg. I realize that I am chewing on eggshell and it sounds like a lot of it. I am totally grossed out at the this point. Jeff is watching me make faces with nasty bite and asks if the eggs are bad, I tell him no, but I got a mouth full of shell. Oops, he replies, he confesses that some fell in while he was cracking the eggs but since he was holding Lance he wasn't able to fish it out and I assume he forgot to. He went on to confess that it was a rather large hunk of shell and he was glad that I found it right off so he could enjoy his eggs. He actually said we, but I was over the scrambled eggs by then, so it would only be him enjoying them. Well of course as things go in our household, by the time we (well Jeff) had finished breakfast it was time for him to go and no time to fix the sink. So I do not have a working kitchen sink which makes me a little crazy because I can't clean up after breakfast and I hate a dirty kitchen and since everything from under the sink is out, my dining room is messy too because the breakfast mess won't fit in our small kitchen. So after Jeff left I needed to go shower and since no one was there to watch Lance it was a very quick shower in which Lance went through my bathroom cabinet and threw nearly everything into the shower with me. We both then got dressed and headed over to my mom's house to help her bring the Christmas decorations down from the attic. Lance cried and screamed and fussed the entire time. It was very stressful and not to mention my allergies are driving me crazy- all the dust from attic plus dust from moving around furniture for the Christmas tree. So after breakfast drama and Lance a very unhappy camper it hasn't been the best of days, but I know it could be a lot worse. Fortunately he is now sleeping and since I am too overwhelmed with my messy house I am not doing anything.

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Randi said...

OH MY! That DOES sound like a CRAZY and STRESSFUL morning:( So sorry to hear about all that!

I hope things turned around after all of that and you had a better weekend:)


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