Tuesday, November 27, 2007

it was Christmas for Lance last night

Robert called last night because he was getting rid of some of the boys' old toys in preparations for new toys coming in with Christmas and wanted to know if we wanted any. I told him we would take anything he didn't want so he came over last night and it was Christmas for Lance. Lance got a Fisher Price farm (the older version that doesn't make noises), a cashier register (with all the parts and works), a never been opened Home Depot Tool Set, Mega Blocks Car ramp set, lots of puzzles, Candy Land, a swim vest, and some kind of building thing called Zoob. Oh, I almost forgot, he got a tractor that when you press down on the farmer it makes a sound and moves, he loves it! I can't wait for Christmas when he will unwrap some more toys and enjoy playing with everything for the first time.
Also, I was worried that the pictures that we had taken on Sunday won't give us any good ones we could use for gifts and our holiday photo but they did. I am so excited there are a lot of good ones and some funny ones too. Now I have to decide what I want to get for everyone. Becky did a great job and I want one of a lot of them.
Another exciting aspect of today: Lance and I went grocery shopping and were able to get a lot and not go way beyond what we wanted to spend. Grocery shopping has gotten very stressful. I try to be very careful with what I buy, but if I don't buy enough or everything that we need we are stopping by the store every other day and spending more money then I would like. Also, I try to keep a running tab on what I have in my cart, but when I am adding and putting back, entertaining lance, and trying to find what I need it makes it hard. So we finally have food and don't have to eat out anymore, yeah!

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