Wednesday, November 28, 2007

picture slacker

I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera and there are some really cute ones from the last two weeks.

Lance blew me a way last week when he was sitting in the driver's seat and motioned for my keys and then tried to put them in the ignition. It never ceases to amaze me how he picks up on little things like how the key goes where, I have never shown him how to do that.

We make a family calendar every year and I wanted a few Christmas pictures for the calendar so I put Lance in his santa pjs and took some shots. This one I thought was very cute.
Daddy lets lance play with very expensive toys- the church's sound equipment. Lance loves to play with the sound board. I shouldn't put all the blame on daddy, that is Justin (who is in charge of sound) standing beside lance in the picture, so he lets him play too.

Yesterday we went to the park to play. Last week I finally remembered to put the sand toys in the car for lance to play in the sand pit. He had a great time until some older boys came and used all the toys and threw sand at .
Who loves macaroni and cheese?
He had three helpings. And yes, that is the homemade kind, I don't like the box stuff.

It is so funny how Lance copies what we do now. Here he is standing on the dishwasher with the oven mitt on. It was funny to watch as he would lift up the casserole lids up just like I do when cooking. The game was lots of fun until he dropped one on his foot.

Lance is crazy about his wind-up train, one of the hand-me-downs we got. And here he is copying how daddy sits when he plays with the train. As you can see he loves to derail the train.
I need to go get my family calendar done while Lance is still asleep and put away more of our new toys.

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