Thursday, November 08, 2007

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This morning Lance got a haircut because he was getting a bit shaggy and now he looks so different. He now looks like a little boy which makes me sad, he is growing up too fast. Anyways, the haircut was not easy, for some reason Lance did not want to sit, have his hair touched, have his hair combed, anything. His favorite candy, M&Ms didn't even work to make him happy. We finally got his hair trimmed and then I tortured myself by getting my eyebrows waxed. This normally isn't bad, but I have been sneezing a lot today and the waxing made the sneezing worse and for some reason it hurt a lot more than it usually does. Speaking of sneezing, I am miserable today. My nose is running, I am sneezing quite a bit, my head is slightly congested, my eyes itch and are swollen, and my face is tender. I don't know whether it is a cold or allergies, but I took a Claritin and hopefully that will give me some relief soon. I feel bad, but I know it could be worse and I am praying it doesn't get worse. Lance seems a bit better today, he is still congested, but his nose isn't as gross and he is still drooling a lot. Here are Lance's before and after haircut shots:
Before haircut:
It doesn't look bad, but it is getting kind of shaggy.

From this view it is starting to get a bit like a mullet and girly.
and after:

He looks so old and thinner. I think the haircut also makes him look more like his dad though he is the splitting image of him, but I notice more now.

He would not stay still so I could get his picture so this is the best closeup I could get.

A cool perspective:
I feel a majority of the time like a goober, but I realized this morning that I am cool, maybe only cool by association, but I am. How many people get to say that they own a snowboard and skateboard shop? We get to meet cool people and sometimes get to go to cool places. Though life seems pretty dull sometimes, it has the potential for coolness. Last night we watched a snowboard movie that was really cool ( i am so overusing the word cool). It was called bikecar and these guys built a bike-car and traveled over 600 miles to several ski resorts. It was good because it was about snowboarding and wasn't just a bunch of rail slides and party scenes. And you know it is good if I like it, I don't like many. Anyways, watching bikecar made me think about how lucky those guys were that they could just build a bike-car and travel for several weeks. Then I thought about all the neat experiences that we have had from owning the business and how Jeff is a mini-celebrity because of the shop and that our life is not dull as I think it is. I realized that I need to start living in coolness and not dullness. Did that make any sense? Probably not.
Finally, I have done it, I have busted out the Christmas music! I love Christmas music and why wait until Thanksgiving when you only have 30 days to listen to it, I want to enjoy it for a longer time period so I broke bad and started playing the Christmas playlist. That reminds me, I should look on itunes and see if they have a new happy christmas album. Do you call them albums anymore? Who knows.

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