Friday, November 09, 2007

feel a bit better

Yesterday whatever was wrong turned from manageable to miserable. I don't know if it is allergies or a cold or what, but I am feeling better today, or should I say this moment. I took a Claritin and it seemed to help on and off yesterday, it was really strange. I would be feeling good one moment and then, my nose would be runny and my head congested and I would be feeling horrible, but then it would stop and my head would be clear. It was kind of like the allergy medicine was working, but not consistently. I was feeling not so great this morning, but I feel pretty good right now and I have my moments. Lance seems to be better than he was, but he does have a bit of a cough. So this week has been not very exciting. Earlier this week I didn't feel good thanks to the dreadful days, then Lance didn't feel good, and now I don't. It has also been very cold out and I realized I am so not ready for winter especially with a little one who LOVES to be outside. It is suppose to be the sixties next week which will get us outside a lot hopefully. I am really torn, I am hoping for a mild winter for Lance (so we can play outside), but also a cold winter for Jeff (so snowboard business will be good). I guess a cold winter would be better because better business means less stress and we can pay the bills and I could buy warmer clothes to keep Lance happy.
Speaking of the store. I can't believe the day is here. The day we have been waiting for, for six years, we now have a skatepark. It seems to good to be true. We have been waiting for the skatepark to open for years and hopefully business will finally be steady. When things are rough business wise we always say, let's keep going until the skatepark opens, well now it is here and hopefully we will see an increase in business and be able to be successful. I keep waiting for the hammer to drop though, because it seems to good to be true: we finally have a skatepark and with the exception of Play-it-again, we are the only place in town that sells skateboards. So now that things seem to be good I am waiting to here of some corporate large store coming to town (though I don't think there is one), or some larger store from another city, or just another shop opening up to take away from our business. I know that I should see the glass as half full and not half empty, but in times past when we think we were going to get a break and finally have this kind of moment something has happened. For example, a large sporting goods store that carried snowboards closed their store we were all excited because we were going to be the only snowboard shop, well a large store opened up in town and took away a lot of our business, then we got news that they were closing, but they didn't close until a year after their announcement, then we got excited and then found out that Play-it-again was expanding. Anyways, it just seems that whenever we might get a break a new roadblock comes in. I hope and pray that another store won't open and that someone won't see the potential because we have been trying for six years to get a park, and be a successful store and I hope now if finally our chance. Also, Jeff was worked so hard to support the skatepark and get it open as well as support the scene here by having events and it would be a shame if someone came in right when it got easy and use the excitement that Jeff has generated for their benefit. So hopefully this weekend is the start of something and not the end.

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