Wednesday, November 07, 2007

cold for month of November, check

The doctor said at his 18 month check up that Lance would get a cold a month, so far Lance is living up to those odds. He had a cold at the beginning of October and he appears to be coming down with another today. Yesterday he kind of had a runny nose, he sneezed more than usual, and coughed more then usual, drooling a lot, and then last night he was up a lot. Today we have a yucky nose, some sneezing, and a lot of drool. I don't know whether it is a cold or some more teeth coming in, or both. I realized this morning that I never appreciated sleep until I had Lance. I forget how nice it was to go to sleep and not wake up until morning most nights, this does happen some nights, but not at the frequency they use to. Lance has been getting up a lot and sleeping with us in our bed which is not a good habit I want to create, but also because he is a bed hog. Last night I got rolled on, head butted, kicked, hit, and drooled on, and this is what I can remember while half asleep. I feel worse for Jeff because he was more awake and trying to deal with Lance then I was, I was not fully awake and not much help to the two of them. I did suggest at one point that we give Lance some medicine which gave him the relief he needed because he went to sleep shortly thereafter and sleep until morning.
So because we are a little under the weather we are hanging out today in the house and trying to get stuff done around here, but it is not easy. For everything one thing I do (fold laundry) Lance messes up two things (pulls out all his socks out of the sock basket and takes everything out of the drawer in the bathroom). We are going to go shortly to my mom's house to play, she is home sick from school (she has bronchitis) so we will have a change of scenery, but we are laying low today.
Last night Jeff and I talked and he wants to change things at the shop, but he doesn't know how. We went to the library and he got two books that will hopefully give him some ideas and suggestions on how to run the business smoothly and give him some more free time. The marketing book is quite entertaining because it was written in 1997 (not that long ago), but it can get quite dated in some of its ideas. For example: try e-mail your customers instead of calling, a lot of people prefer e-mail to the phone, now instead of e-mailing there are websites, blogs, myspace, etc that is easier than e-mails because customers come to you. Another suggestion was to get a cell phone as though cell phones were a new concept and not everyone had them, but there were some good ideas too.

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