Tuesday, October 09, 2007

what's a girl to do?

After listening to several podcasts about being better stewards of the environment, I felt very convicted about using disposable diapers. Since Lance is napping I decided to google environmentally friendly diapers. I first found gdiapers, which have flushable middle, a much better alternative to cloth diapers and a better for the environment then disposables. I was practically sold until I saw the price. They were twice as much as regular diapers and no one locally sells them. So there goes that idea for now at least. So then I googled again and I am now even more confused. I found an article that talks about the supposed dangers of disposable diapers to a baby (lowers their sperm count), how biodegradable diapers do not break down in a landfill if they don't have enough oxygen (which they probably won't), and how cloth diapers use up more water which can be bad for the environment too. AHHHHHHH! What is a girl to do? I want to be wise with what little money we have, conserve resources, and not add a lot of extra work. Decisions on what is best is sometimes very hard to make because both sides of an issue have pretty strong arguments. For example, seventh generation says that bleach that makes diapers and wipes white release toxins in the environment and causes birth defects, reproductive issues, and cancer, but I turned out okay and my parents didn't know about toxin free products.

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