Friday, October 12, 2007

the not so cute pictures of a photogenic baby

Lance is usually quite photogenic but yesterday I captured him looking not so cute. To pass the time before daddy came home we made brownies. He really liked stirring and pouring the water into the mix. In the first picture he looks a little devious with his eyes.

This picture looks cute, he was showing how he liked to pour in the water. He did so good with stirring, he didn't try and eat the batter nor take the spoon out and get batter everywhere.

At dinner last night Jeff and Lance were having a contest, not really a yelling contest, more like a loud, annoying vowel sound contest. It started when Jeff mimicked Lance and they each took turns making the annoying "ahhhhhhhh" sound as long as they could. Lance was quite comical because he was so focused on making his noise. These three pictures make me laugh, they probably aren't as funny if you don't know the accompanying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound. Can you see the concentration in those eyebrows?

Lance is covered in yogurt in all of these pictures, he likes to get messy while eating, I have no idea how much he actually eats because he gets so covered.

This picture is interesting because it shows off Lance's uneven front teeth. He only has three lowers which is strange because he has been cutting teeth two at a time so I am surprised we haven't seen the other one. This pictures also shows off that HUGE molar in the back, it was a pain to come in and it is a big one.

This last picture I took when Lance was trying to go after the camera. It captures him in his happy phase, but notice the tears, a few minutes before I had denied him the bottom cabinet in my bathroom. Also the spark on the chest from the drool, he just started drooling in September, and though it is better, I wish it would stop, but we probably have another 6 months. Looking at this picture makes me smile because, this face makes my day so much brighter. Next time I am irritated with him because he is whiny, I should look at this picture.

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