Monday, October 15, 2007

lance has his calcium quota

So it is Monday and the weekend had its ups and downs. Saturday was the up and Sunday was the down. The theme of Saturday was kid free. We went out to dinner and to a coffee shop minus Lance Saturday night. We were going to try and not talk about lance and the store, but that didn't last very long. It was nice to enjoy a meal and not rush, share, or entertain Lance. At the coffee shop we got to look at some books. We found quite a few about being good stewards of the Earth and one about how God is like Starbucks (okay I think I just butchered the book's concept). Saturday morning I also got some time to myself, Jeff took Lance to the shop so I could get some cleaning done without him underfoot. It was nice, but also kind of lonely. I felt like something was missing the whole hour and a half I was alone, and time seemed to tick by slowly. I also had a light bulb moment that morning. Our porcelain kitchen sink, which I love, gets gross and stained easily. I have been trying different things to clean it, but nothing was working. I even had a porcelain cleaner on my shopping list. I had a light bulb moment Saturday when I realized that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might work on the sink. (I had just scrubbed Jeff's tub with the Magic Eraser an hour earlier). I tried it and it worked beautifully. Why didn't I think about that a week ago????? I guess I wasn't thinking, but now I know, I LOVE the Magic Eraser, it is wonderful! When it first came out I thought it was all hype, but Christy showed me it was everything you could want it to be and then some. Lance, my mom, and I also went to lunch Saturday which was fun, I hadn't been to lunch in over a month probably, maybe longer. We also got a little Christmas shopping out of the way. I bought Lance a wheely bug for Christmas and my mom got a game for my cousins. Saturday was also a good day at the shop, Jeff had a Christmas time kind of sales day which we really need since we are so behind of bills. Also during naptime I organized all my music on itunes into playlists, it took way too long, but now my ipod is easier to use in the car. Saturday was a good day, and Sunday was the opposite.
Yesterday was a horrible, terrible, very bad day. No, it wasn't that bad, just kind of rough. Jeff had to be at church at 7:30, or so he thought, and since I slept in, I didn't get a shower before Jeff left. I put all of Lance's bath toys out of the tub so while I showered he could throw them into the tub and be entertained. A few minutes into showering, I noticed that Lance was quiet and hadn't peeked in the tub so I peeked out at him. I didn't have my contacts in so I couldn't see very well, but it looked like Lance had something in his mouth. I quickly moved to the other side of the shower curtain that was closer to him and tried to figure out what he was eating. I realized that he had a mouth full of tums, I quickly tried to get them out of his mouth as he was trying to escape from me. With shampoo now running into my eyes, I grabbed Lance, pjs and all into the shower with me. I pulled out 4 or 5 spearmint tums from his mouth and tried to wipe his tongue as best I could. I felt like the worst mother in the world at that moment, and was dreading the call to the doctor and Jeff to confess what had happened and what we need to do. I snapped out of my momentary panic and realized that though tums aren't good, they aren't going to harm him, the bottle doesn't say contact poison control, so I calmed down a little. I pulled the wet pjs and diaper off of him and let him play in the shower while I tried to finish up. I did have another moment of panic when I saw lance going after something mint green (a similar color to spearmint tums) on the bottom of the tub. I was panicked because I thought the tums that I had pulled out had melted into one big tum that lance was going after. The mommy fog cleared and I realized that it was the bar of soap on the bottom and that the tums were gone, but not forgotten. I finished showering and hoped that was the last of the drama for the day. I was wrong. At church I was getting the craft ready and set the scissors down which of course Lance picked up. I had my hand raised slightly just as Lance closed the scissors on my right middle finger knuckle, taking a bit of skin off. I immediately jumped up and walked around doing the pain dance, it really stung and I felt all woozy from the blood from the cut. Jeff thought that Lance had taken my finger off, and when he saw the small wound he immediately lost sympathy for me because he said it wasn't all that bad. Lance of course saw me upset and started crying and wanted me to hold him but I was doing the pain dance and was kind of mad at him for hurting me then getting upset at me for being hurt. Jeff of course said I was overreacting, so I had to prove it was bad, so I grabbed the scissors to show him the hunk of flesh still on them. It was quite gross. Since it is on the knuckle, it is quite uncomfortable and stings when it gets wet. Jeff had a good time inflicting more pain on me after church by pouring hydrogen peroxide on it. What stinks is the wound in on the knuckle so it will take forever to heal and I keep banging it or bending it so it hurts. I know it is a little cut, I have done worse, but it hurts! So after the tums and the scissors, I figured it had to get better, but the day didn't. We went for a walk and halfway into it I got really naseous and had to pee. The whole way home I thought I was going to pee in my pants or puke, it wasn't a lot of fun. We finally got home and after laying down I felt better and had a good time with friends. So with a good day on Saturday and a bad day on Sunday it all evened out to okay.

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