Thursday, October 18, 2007

lunch with lance

I would really like a nicer camera, but since that it out of the question financially I am working on being content with mine. I have been trying to figure out the different setting on my camera without busting out the owner's manual because I would rather figure things out by trial and error then read a manual. Over the weekend I discovered that I had a black and white setting on my camera which I have been using in excess lately. While Lance was eating his lunch I worked on my photography skills, I really don't have any, I was just trying to capture lance and all of his many expressions.

I captured Lance with his eyes closed, but he has such a sweet look on his face.

He heard a school bus coming down the road and stopping. He is becoming quite the nosy neighbor.

His cute and he knows it look.

working the camera.

his scrunchy smile, still working the camera.

He loves his banana nut bread.

Wants more bread.

He realizes that I am taking pictures.

He is looking quite innocent here, but he has probably just thrown food on the floor and I told him no.

He really enjoyed the banana nut bread that grandma gave to him, when my current banana turn brown I am going to have to make him some more, he eats it like it is chocolate cake.

Yesterday, Lance and I were at the store so Jeff could have a meeting with the owner of a coffee shop he is having an event at. Fortunately, something came up and the meeting didn't happen so Jeff got to the shop earlier than he expected which is good because I was at my wits end with Lance. Lance was so good at the shop the first hour and half, but after that he was getting into everything and I couldn't keep up. He climbed in the display cases and pulled product our all over the place. He emptied out a bag of goldfish onto the floor and dumped the contents of the diaper bag all over the place. The store looked like a disaster area, I was so tired from trying to put inventory into the computer, keep things out of reach of Lance, clean up after Lance, and help customers. I was hoping I would get a chance to clean up before Jeff got there, but no such luck. He thinks I am incapable of running the shop and taking care of Lance. I can do it for an hour, but after while he is cranky, ready for a nap and hard to entertain. So here is some of Lance's mess yesterday:

Lance enjoying some the goldfish he tossed on the floor.
Yes, that is Lance in the display case. He managed to remove a glass shelf so he could fit in there better. He was banging trucks into the side of the case and I am surprised he didn't break the glass.

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