Sunday, October 21, 2007

i am so jealous

Jeff got a new digital camera for his birthday back in August and I am quite impressed and jealous of his pictures, they are really good. I don't know whether it is the camera or his skills, but they are great pictures. (He has lots of really good ones, but I don't know how to rotate them with his computer so I had to only pick out ones that didn't need alterations.)

I wish my pictures looked that good. Yesterday Lance, my mom, and I went to a harvest festival and an apple festival. The harvest festival was at our old church, it was strange being back, seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in a year and even more people I didn't recognize. There were several thousand people there and with long lines for everything we decided to head over to an apple orchard having a festival. The apple orchard had lots of vendors and a wagon ride, but we ended up just getting some apples and then walking through the orchard a bit. I was excited to see plenty of my new favorite apple availabe for sale. A couple of weeks ago we did a taste test and tested 6 different apple to see what variety we liked the best and staymen won. I had never heard of staymen before and I thought gala was my favorite, but in a blind taste test I didn't like gala, but did I enjoyed staymen, winesap, and golden delicious. My least favorite was red delicious, it was gross, all the apples were peeled which could have contributed to red del's lack of flavor. After getting some apples we enjoyed some kettle corn and the mountain views all around. The trees looked beautiful, the mountains were all rust colored from the changing leaves. Normally there would be some reds and yellows, but with the lack of rain they are various shades of brown.

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