Thursday, October 25, 2007

if the rain wasn't enough

Why is the weather always have to be such an extremist? It didn't rain for months and now it is raining for days. Anyways, the rain makes me a little down and a podcast nearly brought me to tears. I enjoy listening to podcasts from many different churches and yesterday while listening to one from Rob Bell I was very touched by a story he told. I listened to the story again today and it makes me want to cry. I can't really explain why it resonances so much for me, but it does. So here is the story: There was a three year old girl who wanted to be alone with her new baby brother. They were a little hesitant, but she was very insistent. Her parents allowed her because they had a monitor so they could listen to what was going on. They listened on the monitor walk over to the crib and the little girl say to the baby: "Tell me about God, I've almost forgotten." I guess what touches me so much is just the reminder that a baby is miracle and their spirits knows more about heaven then of earth. Or maybe it is because we can get so wrapped up in this world and forget the bigger picture. Or maybe because I am blown away by the fact that this child can see how her faith is slipping away and she isn't me and who wakes up and thinks what the heck happened, how did I get so far off track? Children are gifts and it is easy to forget that they may know more than we think they do.

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