Wednesday, September 26, 2007

rearrange, then arrange some more

Yesterday I wanted to arrange the playroom/guest room so it worked a little better, felt cozier, wasn't so messy, etc. I rearranged and rearranged and after having the futon on every wall I moved it back to where it was. It is so hard trying to get that room so it can be workable for all of the many purposes it has. One of the problems I encountered was my very large bookcase, I didn't like it where it was, but I also don't like it where I have it, I do use it for books, I just can't figure out where it looks best. After much trying to figure it all out, I realized that I need to switch some things around. The rocking chair that doesn't really go anywhere should go up in Lance's room and the rocking chair that is there should go back to mom's for storage. I also decided to switch out side tables. I love my house, I just wish we had a bit more storage room because we are maxed out and things get messy pretty fast. So I am doing some fall cleaning and organizing and hopefully will simplify my living area to keep it easy to clean, but also functional.
On a totally random note, I am done with breastfeeding, the only problem is Lance doesn't know it yet. Last night when he got up at 5 while I was feeding him he bit me and right then and there I decided that was the last feeding he was getting from me. That makes two kind of three bites in about two weeks. I don't know how this is going to go, but I had hoped that Lance would just quit on his own, but it hasn't and I am tired to hurting. I feel bad because I know it is a comfort to him and I would like to think it still helps because he still gets good stuff, but I just think it is time. I know 17 months to some isn't that long, but I wanted to be done by 18 months. So who knows if I will be able to hold out, but I am putting forth a good try, my biggest obstacle might not be Lance, but Jeff. When Lance is up in the middle of the night it is Jeff who tells me to feed Lance so we can all go back to sleep. So it is me against the boys, man, that sounds so evil. It is extremely rough on lance I know I will give in, but let's see what happens!

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