Friday, September 14, 2007

the mother of all camel crickets and preparations

Last night we went to Target to pick up a few things and upon returning I had a face-off with the mother of all camel crickets. I know that we have colonies of them in our crawlspace under the house and occasionally a few will venture in the house, but these are usually small ones, not giant Goliath size monsters. I had to continue to stare at this nasty thing until Jeff finally got in the house and found the appropriate weapon to kill this demon spawn who dare enter the playroom. It seemed to take Jeff forever, but I wasn't going to move because if it disappeared from sight then Jeff would not hunt it down and I might have to discover it again and I don't deal well with them. I won't mind them if they would stay in once place, move slowly, or just not jump so high, but they can really jump and they jump so randomly you never know where they might go. Anyways, after a few failed attempts, Jeff got it, but then left it in the middle of the room, I told him he needed to dispose of the body as well, it still looked like it could jump at me and I didn't want Lance messing with it today. Jeff fortunately got over his fear and threw it away, thank goodness, I wasn't going to touch it. I am very thankful that we found the camel cricket last night instead of today when I am going to be tearing apart this house to find all of the missing stuff. I am missing my bank card, Jeff is missing his ipod, and I am sure there are probably other things missing as well. We suspect that Lance is responsible for the missing items, or at least I hope he is. So today I am cleaning, organizing, and searching. Tomorrow is our big trip, well not really big, but a big deal. Lance and I are going out of town to a baby shower and to visit Erica, and the two of us haven't left town before, usually it is with someone else. We haven't ever ventured out alone because Lance has disliked the car from the beginning and it is stressful enough keeping him happy without having to try and navigate and drive, but hopefully this will be a positive event and we will be able to do it again. Also, here is this week in pictures.

Sunday was the bike race and Lance enjoys wearing daddy's bike helmet. I started Kids Life at church back up again and here are pictures of Lance enjoying a tea party. It is amazing how much he has changed in three months, before he just kind of walked around the room, but now he really interacted with the other kids and tried to figure out the pretend food. He did really good not throwing the food, if only he was that good with real food.

Also, we were invited to dinner at some friends' house this week, dinner was good, but Lance sustained a boo-boo after dinner. I was on their inverted climbing wall in their basement and Lance unfortunately was right under foot. I slipped and caused him to fall and hit his face on a tool he was playing with. I feel really bad, but I am also kind of frustrated at Jeff because he should have been holding Lance while I was on the wall,
but things happen, it does bother him, and we are
very fortunate it didn't get him in the eye.
Yesterday we went to a park to play and
Lance got eaten alive by mosquitoes, the poor
kid looks a mess right now, but I guess that
is part of being a toddler.

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