Tuesday, September 18, 2007

72 hours of craziness and finding what was missing

Last week I was so frustrated, I tore most of my house apart looking for my bank card which I think little man stashed some where. I was extremely frustrated because I couldn't find it and I was going out of town. I wish I could say that I found it right before leaving, but we found it right after we got back. This morning while Jeff was changing Lance he saw the card near the changing table in Lance's room. Go figure, the only room I didn't tear apart looking for it because the last past I remember seeing it was downstairs, next time, I am going to search Lance's room first.
It is so good to be back, I had a great time at Erica's, but I couldn't handle Lance's whining and the lack of sleep anymore. We were suppose to leave today, but I packed up and headed out last night which I was very thankful, I got a good night sleep and feel much better. Lance on the other hand now has a yucky runny nose, but he is not whining and much happier. Our weekend was action packed. Saturday we drove up to Northern Virginia for a baby shower for a friend I use to teach with. It was so good to hang out with the old gang, if even for a few hours. The four of us use to do a lot together are first years teaching, and it isn't the same not having them in town. After the shower we headed up to Erica's house in Maryland. I tried to pressure Erica into taking the HOV lanes in D.C., but she wouldn't, maybe next time. We got back to her place and ordered dinner. I was so tired and not hungry but ate anyways and paid for it a little later. I was really nauseous and felt horrible an hour or two later and had a rough time going to sleep. I didn't throw up so that it is a positive. Lance and I didn't sleep well that night, but what are you going to do. Sunday we made breakfast and headed into Baltimore to go to the aquarium. We rode the metro into the city which was really fun for Colin and Lance and nicer than having to drive and use up my gas. The aquarium was nice, a little crowded, but fun, I am glad we went. I really enjoyed the sharks and flying foxes in the Australian exhibit, the bats were HUGE! We got back on the metro and headed back to Erica's. Christy packed up and headed home and Erica and I fixed dinner. We then got the babies all in bed and watched Rock of Love, that is the most ridiculous, but very entertaining tv show right now. We went to bed where I slept a little better than the last two nights, but just barely. Lance got up early for him and we got some breakfast and got ready to go shopping. We headed up to Gettysburg and got some good deals on clothes, I got quite a lot of fall clothes for Lance, he has none! It was a beautiful day for shopping at the outdoor mall, the only problem was Haden hated being inside the stores and would scream anytime Erica tried to shop. We ended up leaving abruptly because all 3 boys were grump and/or screaming. We ate lunch and napped a little and then headed to the orchard/petting zoo. The petting zoo was very entertaining. Colin chased after the sheep and geese, in fact, followed the geese right under the gate and gave Erica a heart attack because he followed them a little too far. Lance enjoyed the donkeys, goats, horse, rabbit, etc, but I was a bit freaked out over the emu that kept following us. After the orchard I helped Erica organize the boys rooms and after the 4th time that Lance took a bite out of Colin I was ready to be home. I am not usually a spur of the moment kind of girl, but I packed up and was out on the road in 20 minutes. I hated to leave so abruptly, but I couldn't take refereeing the boys and Lance's whining. We made it back home safely despite running over part of a deer a car in front of me hit and it being late. It was so good to sleep in my bed and sleep well. We had a fun time and can't wait to go back up in a month.

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