Saturday, September 01, 2007

is it a cold?

or just allergies? I just don't know. My ears feel stuffy, my nose is kind of stuffy, my head feels funny, my nose is runny, and I wish it would just go away. I don't know whether I have a cold or allergies. I took some claritin and I don't know whether it helps or not. It is weird how I will feel good some moments, but not so good at others. I am very disappointed because we canceled our reservations for the sunspree resort beach trip, I am very sad. I understand that we don't have money to spend on going to the beach, but it is sad that my week of work is not going to something fun or rewarding, bills, how much fun is that. In church, Paul said that sometimes something has to die for something else to be born, so I hope there is something better on the horizon. So things kind of stink right now, we are broke, really broke, can't pay the bills broke, I don't feel that great, we aren't going to the beach, we aren't doing a lot of business at the shop, we found out that Play-It-Again down the street is going to be carry a brand we tried to pick up, and I am going to have to start working at the shop more this week. Every time things get bad they get better and I think we are on the upward swing and it can't get any worse and it does. I hate not being able to fix things. I wish we could get a billboard from God that tells us what to do next, keep trucking or pack up.

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