Friday, August 31, 2007

what a week

We started the summer off with babysitting extravaganza and we are ending it that way too. I woke up this morning and realized that summer, my favorite season is over with, not according to the earth's orbit, but summer for me is memorial day to labor day. I am sad that is over with. It was quite a summer, my sister got married, I helped Erica with a yard sale, had to say good-bye to Erica as she moved up North, went to the beach for a week, babysat, gave my notice for the babysitting job, got a new ipod to replace the one stolen, started my own business, and made some new friends. I am hoping and praying that we will be able to celebrate the end of summer like we celebrated the beginning by going to wrightsville beach next week, but I am trying to be okay with not being able to go.
So reflections can be depressing, so this week, lesson learned: I don't want to have two boys less than 2 years apart. I don't have to worry about that happening since there is no number 2, but I don't know how parents handle the bickering back and forth. I love J and T as though they are my own, but I just can't handle their constant arguing, teasing, bickering, whining, competitiveness, ahhhhh. Despite me snapping at the them we have had a good week. On Monday, J had a birthday party so I took T and his cousin to Tiny Town mini golf. They had a blast, and so did Lance. Lance loved walking all over the green and tossing the balls into the hole. Tuesday we went to the children's museum in the morning and then the pool in the afternoon. Wednesday we went on the trail with the stroller, J's bike, and T's scooter. Yesterday we just went out to lunch. In the afternoons we read books and play games. They love to play Life and Sorry, I have fallen for Blokus. The week has been very tiring, especially being away from 8 to almost 5, but I keep focusing on the reward, hopefully our beach trip! My house is a mess as a result of being out of the house all week so I need to get it cleaned up, but since I had two hours off this morning, I wanted to relax a little. In conclusion, summer is coming to an end, I can't wait for next summer and what the future holds.

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