Thursday, September 20, 2007

back and forth

Lance still has a waterfall flowing, now he has a nice little rash on his chest where moisture has been collecting, pretty gross. It is funny how on an hour to hour throughout the day I switch back and forth between wanting to have another baby and never wanting another one. One moment I was wishing for another little one because Lance is getting so big, but then when I was trying to cook dinner and had to put Lance in the hiking backpack so I could cook and I realized if there were two I would get NOTHING done. I would love to have two, but then when I talk to my poor friend Erica who has been caring for her son that has the stomach flu, I wonder can I deal with that with just one? I have also been thinking a lot about how to help Jeff with managing our finances. I wish I could take some of the burden off of him, but it is hard when there is no money to work with. I listened to a podcast of Andy Stanley's last week and he explained the importance of knowing cash flow and how Quicken is a great tool to getting control of your finances to create margin. I have no clue how we can get things in order especially with us not having a steady income. Well after an hour of trying to reconcile and get Quicken up-to-date I feel like I am cross-eyed and hope that I will never get this behind again. At least I hope. Lance did say a word tonight at dinner- no- he was throwing food on the floor and we told him no and he shook his head back at us and said "no." Despite the little bit of defiance, we were so excited he said a distinguishing word. He has said a few words before in mimic, but this time it wasn't just straight mimic, he shook his head while speaking, and it wasn't just different this time. So maybe there is hope that he will be talking one day, I was being to think that everything would just be da or barking like a dog.

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