Wednesday, September 19, 2007

another molar and yummy treats

Poor Lance he is a mess. There is a waterfall flowing from his nose and mouth. He was sneezing and coughing Monday night and I thought it was the beginning of a cold, but yesterday for some reason I reached in his mouth and felt the second lower molar just about through the gum. This is hopefully the cause of the runny nose and crazy behavior of the little guy. I am just amazed how Lance can go from laughing and dancing to screaming and crying. He is like Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde these last few days, but hopefully once these molars come in he will even out and be a bit happier.
This morning Lance and I decided to indulge and went the the bakery to get some donuts for breakfast, I had a longing for a blueberry cake donut. It was so good and Lance looked very cute sitting in the chair eye level to the table, but enjoying every bite of blueberry goodness. It was so bad, but yet so good. I am really enjoying the slower life of staying at home, and really staying at home. I need to get a little more done during the day, but it seems like all the projects I want to do involve money and we still don't have any.

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Anonymous said...

stumbled onto your cute site looking for info on molars. My little man is having a sad time. Its gotta be molars comimg in.Laughed out loud at the "still dont have any money" thing. My husband works his butt off so I can stay home. Its hard but worth it!!!


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