Saturday, September 29, 2007

apple fun

This afternoon Lance, my mom, and I took a little adventure and went to an orchard having a festival. It was a lot of fun. It was such a beautiful day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We took the hay ride to the corn maze. Lance was a little apprehensive about the ride but he seemed to enjoy it and looked all around.

At the end of the hay ride was a corn maze, I have always wanted to do one so we did. I was a little disappointed at first because the corn wasn't very tall, but then I realized we were only walking around one-third of the maze and we got in thicker, taller corn and it was a lot of fun.

We completed the corn maze and picked out our prize, a pumpkin from the field. We bought some apples, white pumpkins, and funnel cake.

It was so nice to be outside enjoying the cool weather and the beautiful scenery. It was refreshing after the last couple of days when I have been pretty down.

So Lance is weaned, we did it. Last night we let him cry it out at like 3:30 and fortunately he went back to sleep, unfortunately he was up at 6:50 for the day which is still a little earlier than what I think is ideal, but hopefully he will get better at sleeping later. This morning I also got my hair cut and colored, I am a little unsure of the cut and color, but I am sure it will grow on me, I always am unsure when I first do something drastic.

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