Monday, October 01, 2007

opening a whole can of worms

Why can't things be simple? They seem to be for others. Why can't I have an easy button, or get a get out jail free card? Nothing major, just it seems like small things turn into big things. For example, we replaced the railing on our front porch and I want to finish the project by repainting the whole porch. How difficult can it really be? Dumb question. As Jeff was scraping paint he realized that the top of the post is rotted and needs to be replaced. So one side of the porch is currently supported by a ceiling jack, we are getting quite trailer trashy over here on plymouth. Of course the side railings that we just replaced have to be taken down to replace the posts and who knows how long it will take to get this project finished. We did discover under the post that the front porch use to have fake grass on it, real classy let me tell you. So like most projects we start, it is much more complicated then it seems.

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