Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i just want a good night sleep

Lance is almost sixteen months old and I still am just looking for some good sleep. I would like to say that this latest problem is due to teeth since the little one has been drooling, but who knows. Part of the sleep problem is that I am not going to bed early enough, but I have been so close to finishing some books that I have been reading that I haven't wanted to put them down with only 20 pages until the end. This morning Lance got up at six and was very grumpy, he was crying and moving all around, we tried to get him to go back to sleep but he won't. We finally gave up on sleeping any later and got up, so only about 6.5 hours of sleep for me. Lance was a grump all morning. He fell asleep in the car on the way back from Walmart and when I tried to lay him down he woke up, I got him back asleep and tried again to lay him down again without any luck, so I held him until Jeff got home and he got him in his bed. Not a lot of sleep last night, and not a lot Monday night either. Monday night at about 11:30 Lance was awake and screaming, Jeff wanted him to "scream it out", because he said that if we got him every time he would never sleep well, I tried pointing out that Lance usually gets up at 4 or 5am, not 11:30 and that since his parents babysat that night and all he had for dinner was 2 peanut butter crackers he would probably be hungry and that getting him won't negatively impact him. After arguing I went and got Lance and we slept downstairs on the futon. I had a really hard time getting comfortable and falling back asleep, that night I did get around seven hours, but I prefer 8. The start of sleep deprivation began Sunday night, I was up till about 3 am with stomach issues. I felt so ill, fortunately I never vomited, but I felt sick and just wanted to go to sleep. Saturday night we were also up late and Lance got up early. I think sometime last week Lance slept all night until 7ish, I really could use the all nighter about now. I feel just as sleep deprived now as I did in the very beginning. Could I really handle another little one?
On a random thought: Lance and I went grocery shopping this morning. Due to our lack of funds we shop at Walmart, not my favorite place, but the dollar needs to go farther. As I was shopping through the store, I noticed all of the organic food. Food that sounds ridiculous being organic: croutons, peanut butter, baby cookies, rice krispies, and others, I can't remember what though. Organic croutons? That just sounds funny too me. Organic peanut butter, do they even spray peanuts with pesticides and herbicides and because they have such a hard shell does it make a better peanut? I know that organics are suppose to be better for the environment, and depending on who you ask, better for you, but are they really? According to my cousin, those organic peanuts might actually be harmful, but that is another story in itself. I know why the organic products seem so silly to me. When I think organic, I think living, the biologist in me, since everything made of a carbon ring is organic. Basically every living thing is organic. When I think of the organic food, I think of produce, not processed foods because the organic lifestyle gives the image of being healthy and carrying about what foods you are consuming. I personally think that someone who really cared about eating healthy wouldn't eat organic croutons because it is a processed food and really not that healthy, but then again, maybe they would feel healthy eating them because they are organic. For me organics is a food fad and I am not on board, maybe if some more info comes out I maybe swayed to dish out the extra cash for smaller amounts for organics, but for me the jury is still out. My main issue with people who try and go organic, but don't do it 100%, doesn't the good from the organic stuff get cancelled out by the bad from the non-organic stuff? I know someone who is big into organics, but they eat hots dogs, now these are fancy hots dogs, but contain nitrates, doesn't the good from the organic condiments and other food small in comparison to the harm of the nitrates? Let me rephrase: aren't the nitrates in the food worse then a possible pesticide residue that may or may not be present and may or may not be harmful? I also wonder, people who avoid pesticides/herbicides, do they use nonstick cookware? do they use deodorant? do they drink alcohol? Fortunately no one really reads this or they might be ticked offended by views, but I must say, for those out there who go 100% organic, if anyone like that exists, I am impressed, because for me, if you are going to do something like that, it is all or nothing.

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