Monday, August 20, 2007


Lance and I went on an adventure this afternoon. We went downtown to get a business license. I registered my business name and applied for a business license which should arrive in a week. Sprouts Baby Goods is an official business. Now I need to work on business cards, fliers for the pediatricians, my website, and get the forms I need for sales tax. One thing down, ten more to go.
I discovered yesterday that Lance has one molar and hopefully he will have some more come in so maybe he will stop drooling as much as he has been. Lance has never been much of a drooler, but these last couple of weeks has been nasty, his shirts are always wet and there is always a line of drool coming from his mouth.
I am also blown away by how much fun Lance is getting to be. Everyday is a lot of fun and I enjoy playing and dancing with him, now if we can just get him to sleep till seven.

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