Monday, August 06, 2007

beach trip and 100th post

Wow, it is my 100th post, I can't believe I have stuck with this for so long. We got back Saturday from the beach and what a wonderful week it was. The beach house was great even if it didn't have Internet which is probably a good thing, I need to spend less time on the computer. The weather was beautiful, Lance was a lot of fun, it was nice having Jeff around 24/7, the water was warm, the food was good, and it was very relaxing. We didn't do much, but we did get up earlier than I would have liked thanks to lance, but it was all good. We saw lots of wildlife, we saw porpoises, a snake, a toad, a rabbit, a box turtle, a cockroach the size of my thumb, but thank goodness no sharks. The first couple of days I was really paranoid about sharks since there had been a shark attack the week before, but by the end of the week I didn't can't anymore and went out and once I got over my fear of being plummled by the waves I had a blast boogie boarding despite the sand burn I have on my arms and belly. Lance loved the sand and the water. Having him made it a lot more fun and gave us an excuse to build lots of sandcastles. I discovered that Jeff is good at making stairs so all of our castles had stairs and we also made an Aztec pyramid just to show off his stair making ability. Jeff was also able to go meet up with some old friends and go skateboarding at Eastern Skate Supply, they had a really great time having a whole skate park to themselves, especially one that is NOT open to the public. At the end of the week I was really sad to have to go back home. I really miss getting up in the morning and walking upstairs to go sit on the porch. If I could I would move to the beach in a heartbeat.

Lance did great in the car, he had a good time playing with all of his toys and watching the trucks pass by.

Here is Lance and I enjoying the ocean after an early morning walk.

It is really hard to see in this picture, but it is a picture of a swimmer and behind him is a porpoise coming up for air. We saw porpoises almost every morning and trying to get a picture is really hard. I was also amazed at how close to shore they were. The one morning that I didn't get up and Jeff did, he watched the sunrise and then he saw a large group of porpoises jumping out of the water, he said it was like a show you would see at Sea World. I was so jealous that he got such am amazing experience because I would have loved to have seen that.

I can't get over how cute this kid is, how did I luck out and get such a cutie? He really wanted to get the camera out of daddy's face.

Lance loved using his shovel and dumping and filling his sand bucket. He also liked to destroy the sand castles that we built and early in the week he tried to eat a sandcastle and discovered that it didn't taste too good.

On Friday night we headed to the north end of the island to see if some of the condemned houses were still intact, they were.

On Saturday, Lance got up at 6:15 and he was extremely grouchy, since I didn't want to wake the entire house since we heading home that day Lance and I went out to the beach to watch the sunrise, it was beautiful even though it was cloudy. I was kind of disappointed in myself for not getting up ever morning to watch the sunrise because it was amazing. The night before we left Jeff finally convinced me to go out walking on the beach, despite he lack of moon, it was so beautiful to see all of the stars in the sky. On one of the first nights we were there it was a full moon and there w

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