Wednesday, July 11, 2007

photo day

This morning we had an appointment to get Lance's picture taken. I had several outfits that I had picked out, gotten him a haircut yesterday, a bath last night just so he would look cute and of course something had to happen. I noticed this morning that his year was red and swollen. He must have a bug bite because little man has one nice little pink ear and one large red year. It doesn't seem to bother him so I am not too worried, just a little disappointed that of all the days, why couldn't this have happened tomorrow or last week? We took him to get his picture taken and most of the pictures are of his left side so you notice his ear. Some pictures it was more obvious then others, but I think we got some cute shots. We took pictures with 2 outfits, one his smocked outfit he wore to the wedding and then his skateboard shirt and plaid shorts. He looked quite cute in his brown outfit especially in contrast to his light blue "dressy" outfit. After the session we went to lunch which was yummy, but Lance was getting crabby because he was tired and when I tried to prevent him from throwing his cup on the floor, he leaned over and bite me, and it hurt. We have got to break him of this habit asap. We stopped by to see Daddy on the way home and tried on a pair of DVS toddler shoes we had hoped he had grown into by now, unfortunately they are still too big. He had a hard time walking around in the shoes, but they looked very cute. We finally got him and I fed him some yogurt and tried to get him to drink more prune juice. He is once again constipated, poor buddy, hopefully this episode won't be as tramatic as the last time. If it isn't one thing it is another.

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