Thursday, July 12, 2007

the past week in pictures

I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera. Here is the last week and a day in pictures.

4th of July. We hiked to Apple Orchard Falls.

Jeff already looks tired and we haven't even started.

Lance enjoyed walking around on the observation deck.

Though the picture doesn't quite capture it, the trail was beautiful, there was a sea of green all around us. It looked like a forest I imagine in fairy tales, it was so peaceful.

Here is Lance trying on his toddler DVS's which are still too big for him. He had a hard time figuring out how to walk in them.

Notice the red ear, it is much better now, I don't know what caused the swelling and redness.

Here he is showing off the new screenprinted bamboo decks.

Here is Lance right before our walk to the playground. Today was warm, but the humidity was low so it felt wonderful outside. We took a walk to the church playground after dinner.

Lance loves the slide and especially tonight because we remembered to bring socks with us so that he would slide down the slide better. This is not the best picture because it is so blurry, but it does capture his joy.

I love this picture, it is so cute.

Here he is getting ready to go.

Lance has been pretty grumpy today, I don't know if he is overly tired or what, but he did eat a good dinner and was a lot of fun during our walk. We took the backpack since we were going very far and he enjoyed hitting daddy on the head, pointing to things, and trying to kick me. Someone pointed out to me today, the things in our lives that bring us the most joy is usually what brings us the most frustrations, I can definitely say that is true of today. I had such a good time this evening at the playground, but at 5 when Lance was screaming, crying, and clawing at me I was so frustrated I didn't know what to do. Tonight while we were eating dinner, I couldn't imagine what life was like before Lance, and I also thought about how life is nothing like I thought it would be, it is a lot harder, but a lot better too. Life with Lance is hard, but it is good.

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