Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hot and muggy

It is definitely summer outside now, I miss the cool temperatures of last week. This morning Jeff had to go report for jury duty, thankfully he was not picked to be on the jury. If he had been then I would have to run the store today and I have lots I need to get done at home, which I need to get started on ASAP. Lance and I were heading to Walmart this morning to go grocery shopping when I remembered that I needed to call Lindsay and get an appointment for Lance to get his haircut. She had an available time slot 20 minutes later and we headed over to see her. Lance did pretty good sitting still for his haircut and he looks totally different now with his shorter style. While we were there Lindsay also waxed my eyebrows which is the only pampering I really do for myself and it is hard to call waxing pampering, but I don't have the time to pluck myself so waxing it is. I did learn an interesting fact while at the hair salon, according to Lindsay and my OB, it takes healthy couples 6 months to a year to get pregnant, that is a long time? So even if I could convince Jeff tomorrow, it could be a year before we have any luck, it sounds kind of depressing. After the salon we headed to Walmart, I took a different way and kind of got lost but I enjoyed the scenic route. Major grocery shopping is a lot harder now that Lance is into everything. He was constantly going through my purse and throwing the contents on floor, and pulling things out of the cart and throwing them on the floor, and it was very difficult to focus on staying within my budget, finding groceries, checking things off my list, and organizing coupons. I was very stressed, I went over budget, I forgot a few things, and I don't want to do that again. I pray that we one day get our heads above water financially and be able to grocery shop at Kroger instead of Walmart, but until then I brave Walmart. We then headed home and brought all of the groceries home and put away. Lance and I ate lunch and then he is currently napping. I was enjoying a book a friend let me borrow, but I do need to get cleaning especially if we go hang out with the Aubes after nap. It is so hot outside, I am so thankful I have central air and I am inside.

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