Monday, July 16, 2007

late nights

This weekend I did a few things that are a bit out of character for me, I did not keep a strict bed schedule for Lance and we are out in the evenings past his bedtime. I have been quite neurotic in the past about staying home in the evenings to make sure that Lance goes to bed at the same time in hopes that he would sleep all night, but now that he is sleeping, I have eased up. Friday night we headed to Target to get a wedding present for our friends who were getting married on Saturday. Saturday we went to our friend's wedding minus Lance, which was nice and stress-free. We then headed downtown to see an outdoor movie. Going to see the movie was a huge experiment because it could be fun or a nightmare if he ended up screaming and crying, but fortunately it was a success. Lance loved watching the people and the trains that passed by. Once the movie started he ate some goldfish, snuggled in with me, and eventually went to sleep. I had to hold Lance while he was sleeping, but it wasn't too bad because it was kind of chilly and he kept me warm. The movie playing was "The Birds." It was very entertaining despite the volume being a little too loud which made the bad sound effects even worse, the sound of the birds hurt my ears. We didn't get to stay for the whole movie because Jeff was tired and it was pretty late (11pm- well late for us). Then last night we went to dinner with friends which was stressful because Lance wanted to walk all around, he wanted nothing to do with his high chair, and he wanted to dip everything in the ranch. After dinner we went to go see a friend's house they are fixing up and we didn't get home until 9:30 which for the third night in a row was past Lance's bedtime. Jeff went with the guys to go see a movie and me despite being exhausted waited up for him. By the time I got into bed I was so tired I was nauseous, fortunately I fell right to sleep and I don't think I got up until 6:30 this morning. One thing that stinks is despite what time we go to bed (Lance included), Lance gets up at the same time which stinks if you stay up late. On a positive front- we bought some wood to fix the railing on the front porch and some paint swatches to look at colors for repainting the shudders/ doors and our bedroom. We started working on the porch by tearing one side down, but that is as far as we have gotten and hopefully we will have at least one side done this week.

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