Thursday, June 21, 2007

we are walking for real now

Lance has been taking steps and increasing the distance between people and objects slowly for a month now, but today I realized his is really a walker now. He now will stand up by himself in the middle of the floor and walk to where he wants to go and he will also walk across a room to something and not just someone. I sound like a broken record, but he is growing up so fast I which I had a pause button sometimes or at least a forward in slow motion. According The Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers, toddlers don't learn in a progression like babies, but they are more like a firecracker, this does seem to be true with Lance. He was walking just between Jeff and I, then every now and then between the ottoman and tv, and now everywhere, it wasn't a slow gradual progression, it wasn't over night, but three days ago he couldn't walk as far as he has gone today. He has also almost mastered blowing kisses, he never would try before and today he will hold his hand up to his mouth if you ask him to blow a kiss. Now if we can just increase his vocabulary to include mama or some other word other than "up."

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