Wednesday, June 20, 2007

kind of white trashy

there are many articles of clothing that i thought looked so cool, but then i tried it on and realized it look better on the hanger. I did not realize until today that it can happen to toddlers too. This outfit is cute off of him, but it becomes white trash on. It was a present twice, two different people gave it to lance for his birthday. It does have a skateboarder on it which should make it cool, by association, but Lance just can't pull it off. It isn't easy to see in the photo but Lance has a farmer's tan and with the large armholes on the shirt he looks redneck. The shorts are also really long and are more capants then shorts. More importantly, Lance is demonstrating in these pictures that he can go down the slide by himself! He had a good time at the mini-park and getting pretty good at the slide.

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