Tuesday, June 05, 2007

it never ends

The more I think about all the work that needs to be done the more work I can think of. Such as. . .
all the exterior wood needs to be painted, fortunately there isn't too much outside of deck railing and porch
the storm door needs to be adjusted so it will close properly
did I remember the fridge door handle
the wasp nest under the deck
crown moulding in the living room
putty to fill in the large cracks in the hard wood floors
the ceiling in my bathroom needs replacing and my cold water faucet drips because it is temperamental
the hard plastic attached to the deck needs to be taken off and cleaned, so many leaves are stuck in there
oh yeah, and one gutter needs a new downspout
in my whole list I am starting to make my house sound like a dump, it is really nice, it is just old and after having Lance we have had a hard time staying on top of repairs and updates
the house was built in '46, but fortunately it was updated in 97 so the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and central air are pretty new, but now that I think about it, 97 is 10 years old, it doesn't look that old
Sometimes I wish that we had a newer house, but I am sure that a newer house would have problems as well
On a totally random note tomorrow starts our extreme babysitting adventure. For the next week we will be babysitting every day all day (with the exception of the weekends). Having three kids all day will be an adventure especially trying to make sure that Lance gets his nap in. Part of me is excited about spending all day with my three favorite boys, but part of me wonders what I got myself into. I am trying to think positively and look forward to the fact that when this week is over with I will have my eyeglasses paid for and some money for the hutch I have been trying to save for since September. I am horrified to see that it is on sale, which means they might be discontinuing it before I have the chance to finally get it. I have been saving money for months and months, but every time I get close there is a bill or something that I use the money for, it is very discouraging. As I sit here staring at the screen of my computer I realize I can see so clearly because 300 of my dollars went to new contacts and 300 went to new eyeglasses (yes, i am blind as a bat), 300 went to Christmas gifts and paying off a credit card, and 150 went to our beach trip. AHHHHH! I hope there is still time.

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