Monday, June 04, 2007

House To-Do

I don't know why I feel the urgent need to make a to-do list for things we need to do around the house, and set goals to get some things done, but I do. Well, if I am honest it is probably because our next door neighbor is working outside and appears to be tearing down the gutters, removing the shutters for painting, and getting their house all spiffed up. I was thinking of making a nice list and posting it on the refrigerator, but decided that I would probably get to neurotic on things that don't matter like spacing and font and just to post my list.
1- repaint windows or if a large chunk of change falls our way replace windows
2- repaint doors and shutters
3- build a shed
4- replace railing on front porch and paint front porch
5- fix up flower bed closest to neighbor's yard
6- finish installing brick border on all flower beds
7- buy a weed eater and use it
8- organize storage under the deck
9- repaint banister
10- fix refrigator door handle
11- install pantry doors
12- make a patio and/or re-do sidewalk
13- work on flowerbed beside the house
14- scrub side of house where ivy once grew
15- figure out and plant some plants on side of house that is ugly due to ivy
16- fix panes of glass on back door
17- seal crawl space doors in Lance's room
18- fix ceiling in my bathroom
19- mulch flower beds and organize flower beds
20- put decorative grass all around driveway instead of just one side
21- install a fence in the backyard
22- finish closet in our bedroom
23- find globe for light in the laundry room
24- get a light kit for the ceiling fan in the playroom
25- fix motion sensor light's sensor
okay, this list isn't totally realistic and would probably take a whole lot of time and money, but i can dream
there are so many things that I would like to do to the house and part of me wonders if it is worth it, how much longer are we going to stay here? if we were ever to have another child, would there be enough room? will we ever be able to afford some place else? whenever I plant a new plant I always think about time and how long we will stay here since most plants take several years to be established and I wonder will I be able to really enjoy the flowers that I have planted or will someone else? I love my house and neighborhood, but sometimes I wish we lived in a newer house that didn't need so much work, was a bigger and had a basement and/or attic. Storage is such a challenge when there isn't a large place to just dump everything, but on the flip side I can't be a pack rat and I try and give away what I don't use fairly frequently.
Speaking of children I have had the baby bug, for reasons that don't seem to make a lot sense, I want to have another child, now Jeff doesn't know or at least I haven't come right out and said anything especially since we are struggling financially right now, but I want to have another baby. There are tons of reasons why I should not want to have another right now or anytime soon: I am still nursing Lance, he still isn't sleeping all night long, we are broke, we have a small house with little growth room, we are broke, we are still paying the bills for Lance's delivery, I just started mt. biking and dancing again which I would have to give up again, I finally feel somewhat back to my old stuff, I want to go to a children's ministry conference next spring, I have some freedom with one child, and did I mention we are broke? I am so confused and frustrated and kind of embrassed to admit my desire for number 2. What is also annoying is that it seems like everywhere I turn I see pregnant women in large numbers. The last couple of times I have been to Target I have seen at least 5, when I was at the park last week I saw two in an hour and half, everyone I turn I see newborns and pregnant women, even magazines seem to be full of articles such as one that came on Saturday "Pregnant with Number 2?" Ahhh, I feel like I am surrounded and can't get away. I am hoping that it is just a phase and will subside soon.

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