Wednesday, June 06, 2007

adventures in babysitting

Today was day one in adventures in babysitting.
We picked up the boys at school and headed to the store to grab sandwiches for a picnic lunch at the park. After lunch we decided to go on an "adventure" and follow the trail through the woods by the river. The trail was supposedly 1.1 miles, and went up and down on the side of a hill.

It began by the railroad trestle.

It was very pretty and according to the sign the trail was made in the 1930's.

It had nice stepping stones and ended at the rocky overlook which is the weirdest looking structure I have seen.

Lance did great in the sling and with it being naptime.

John spotted a snail while walking, I am quite impressed that he was able to notice it as we were walking along.

After our adventure we played on the playground for a short amount of time and then headed back to their house. The boys both have a webkinz and they want to play with their webkinz online all the time. Today they showed me a game to play to win dollars to buy things for the Webkinz. Thomas let me play to win some points and I have to admit it was very fun and addicting, I got to level 4 before Lance turned off the computer, I was disappointed because I was on quite a roll. We then got ready and headed to the pool for John's swim practice. While John was at practice Thomas and I played in the quite chilly water. It is hard being at the country club and watching all of women and seeing all that they have and comparing it to what little I have. It made me a little lonely that I don't have a lot of friends I do things with, but then again whose to say that these women are really loyal friends to each other anyways. It was hard being at the country club and not wanting to be a part of that lifestyle, being a have instead of a have not. Comparison kills and boy did it today. I wonder what adventures we will take tomorrow.

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