Wednesday, June 27, 2007

cleaning frenzy

Three days until the wedding and one day until family starts arriving to town. I am a woman on a mission- a cleaning mission, so why am I wasting nap time blogging, good question. This morning I tackled Jeff's bathroom and it was quite a mission. The sink had rust stains on it and after three attempts managed to remove it with a paste of bleach and baking soda, magic eraser, vinegar, and bathroom cleaner did not work. I scrubbed the bathtub and had to use the magic eraser to get the bottom white. I also tried to clean the grout, but nothing worked, not magic eraser, not baking soda/bleach, not cleaner, and not just regular cleaning. It isn't super nasty, but it isn't the sparkling white like the top is. Oh, I should have done a before and after shot, oh well, next time. I also took down the shower curtain and washed the liner, it was gross, but after a time in the washing machine it is clean, wahoo! I didn't want to fork over any extra money for something boring like a new liner. I also scrubbed down Lance's high chair, Lance grabbed a paper towel that had fallen on the floor and helped me clean, it was very cute. It made me realize that he is getting to be a little boy and will be able to do more than just make a mess, but also clean up his mess. Okay, I gotta get more done.

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