Sunday, July 01, 2007


Beautiful, the one word description of yesterday and a word I will use a hundred times in describing it because I was not an English major in college so my vocabulary is lacking is good descriptive words. Yesterday was Amy's wedding and it was beautiful. The cake was gorgeous, the flowers were amazing, my hair looked awesome, our dresses were amazing, and Amy was absolutely beautiful. The only negative of the day was- it was hot, in the church and at the reception despite it not being not that hot of a day outside yesterday. Yesterday was long, but it was beautiful. I arranged for Amy, Rebecca (the bridesmaid), my mom, and I to all get our hair done for the wedding. Since I needed to drive separately I got to go first. Lindsay did my hair up, but funky in little knots in the back, it is similar to how I wear my hair normally, but a lot neater and smoother looking. I loved it! I then dashed off to the mall to try and find something for Jeff to wear to the wedding because Friday night we discovered that he really didn't have anything nice to wear, well, his dress clothes did not look nice on him. I ended up finding him a blazer, shirt, and pants at the Gap that I thought would look nice, it is hard dressing up a t-shirt and jeans guy for a nice wedding. Lance and I then headed to my mom's house to find something to eat. Next was home for a nap. I put Lance down and tried to see if I could sleep myself since I didn't sleep well the night before but trying to sleep with your forehead resting on the armrest of the couch isn't that comfortable. I gave up the idea of a nap and kept moving instead. Christy ate some lunch at my mom's and then headed over. She did her own hair and makeup and then did mine. My makeup looked so good, I need to have her teach me what she did so I can try and duplicate it again. Oh yeah, and after an hour Lance was up from his nap, this didn't look like a good sign to get him to be a happy baby for the long afternoon/evening ahead. We then headed over to the church and did Rebecca and Amy's makeup and got dressed for pictures. We got the pictures taken and then we were locked in the parlor until the wedding. Time seemed to tick by so slowly and it was really boring just sitting around with nothing to do or look at. To past the time I pretended I was the flower girl and walked around tossing petals and then I would have a contest with the flower girl to see who could pick up the petals the fastest. The bouquets of flowers were so gorgeous, but heavy and since I was the matron of honor I decided I should practice holding both bouquets of flowers and as I was walking to pick up mine, it hit me, I didn't have the groom's ring. I was given the ring when we were upstairs changing and I didn't bring it with me for pictures because I thought I was going to go back upstairs before the wedding. Panic hit me and I rushed to the door and called for Christy to run upstairs and get the ring. She went and got the ring and I was so thankful that I remembered it now 10 minutes before the wedding instead of during the ceremony when I was suppose to hand it over. Crisis adverted, thank goodness. The last ten minutes pasted quickly and before I knew it we were lining up to walk down the aisle. Up until we lined up I was nervous, but at that point my nervousness changed to excitement. I got up to the front without tripping and I didn't think I was going to cry until I saw my sister standing behind the doors ready to walk down the aisle. She was so beautiful and happy and I just started tearing up. The ceremony went by quickly and fortunately no one passed out (the bride and groom are known to pass out) the only problem was it was hot and the tile floor and my new shoes made it uncomfortable to stand, my knees and feet hurt and since I was in front I didn't want to move around too much. Lance did great during the ceremony, we were worried that he would see me up front and get upset or try and get to me, but he didn't. After the ceremony there were a million pictures and then we were finally able to make it to the reception. I liked being in the bridal party, you got to eat first and for the first time in two days I was hungry and the food was so good! There were ham biscuits, chicken and pineapple skewers, veggies, fruit, cheese, chicken salad, eclairs, tomato and basil, fruit spread on ginger snaps, and my favorite: strawberries with chocolate to dip them in. The reception was at a Civil War fort and was decorated with lots of flowers and the cake was exquisite. Amy and Chris toasted after eating cake, not with champagne, but with Chris' favorite, Coca-cola. The cake was really good too and wedding cake isn't always good, but this was delicious. Before we knew it, it was 8 and time to clean up. We were able to tear down the tables and pack everything up relatively quickly. We put Lance to bed and then I headed over to my mom's house to bring her some of the food we had taken home with us. My mother's house looked like a flower shop with all of the flowers all over the place. All my family was there and it was nice to hang out for a little while with them before I headed home at 10 for bed. The day was perfect and so beautiful. When I got home I confessed to Jeff that today was wonderful and I really felt absolutely beautiful today. Jeff always tells me I look pretty or nice, but yesterday I felt like I was. It was kind of sad to think about how Amy is now married and no longer lives at my mom's house, and that my mom is now all alone. It was also sad to see my great uncle at the reception because he looks a lot like my grandfather who I wished could have been there to walk Amy down the aisle, he had escorted me at my wedding. I missed Pop yesterday, but I realize today, I thought about Pop not being there, but not my father's absence, I guess that is what twenty years of absence will do. I slept like a log last night and feel great this morning, wait take that back, sleep wise I feel great, but my head was so congested that I couldn't lay back down because it felt like it was going to explode. Today is a busy day too, the whole family is getting together for brunch before everyone goes their separate ways, Christy, Erica and I want to get together, and there are fireworks this evening. I also worried a bit about my mom because once everyone leaves it will hit her that Amy is gone and I think it is going to be rough. Oh yeah, and after working in a frenzy this last week to clean house, make favors, find clothes, I am going to relax!

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