Thursday, June 07, 2007

day two down

Today was quite a long day. Lance is so tired that hopefully he will sleep all night since he didn't get a nap really today, but something tells me he might be getting up even more tonight. Today we picked up John from school and made lunch at their house. We enjoyed our lunch on the porch and the boys reinforced Lance's bad mealtime behavior by laughing when he threw food on the floor and tired to overturn his plate. After lunch I tried everything I could to get Lance to take a nap. I ended up just throwing him in the pack'n'play and running. He screamed for 20 minutes and boy did he ever scream. Thomas and I were in his room right next door to Lance and despite the screaming we both fell asleep. I did wake up after 20 minutes because the screaming was hurting my ears, but Thomas amazingly kept sleeping. Lance finally fell asleep and I felt victorious, but it was quite short lived, after 25 to 30 minutes he started crying again and John went to go get him which led to more ear piercing screaming and me admitting defeat. The boys and I then got ready and headed to the pool. I was worried that it was going to be a total disaster since I had an exhausted Lance on my hands, but the water had quite the soothing affect. I put him in his float and he played in the water for about an hour, I was the one who grew tired of swimming before he did. After John's swim practice we headed home and day two of babysitting was done. When we got back to their house their dad was home as well as their uncle, their uncle the OB doctor, the OB doctor who delivered Lance, it was a little awkward, at least for me. When I was pregnant with Lance there were a few doctors I had hoped weren't at the hospital the day I would go into labor and he was one, not because he isn't a good doctor but because I know his family, I babysat his children when I was in high school, I was his nephews nanny and I still babysit for them, and of all the doctors in the practice I knew that I would see him outside of a hospital setting and sure enough I have. I saw him quite a few times last summer when I would go to swim meets at the pool down the street to see my friend the head coach because he was a parent volunteer, I saw him at the Thanksgiving party his family throws every year since I am kind of like family, and then I saw him this afternoon. Anyways, it is just a little weird, but he was nice and did make a funny comment when Lance seemed uneasy about him, something about how he doesn't remember him but he met him first. Well back to the day, we had taken Jeff to work which meant we needed to pick him up and though we had lots of time to kill I didn't want to go home and have to wake Lance up if he fell asleep so we headed to the shop. He slept most of the way there and slept for 30 minutes in Jeff's arms while we waited for closing time. Today was a very, very bad day at the shop. It makes it very stressful and depressing, how do you get people to come and support our shop locally? Well despite the fact that we are broke we went out to dinner and had a fairly nice dinner at Panera and then went to Sam's Club to try a last ditch effort to make some money. We bought a drink cooler and drinks in hopes that we can make some fast money selling drinks to the kids who come and hang out at our shop, these kids usually don't buy anything and just come to hang so maybe we can at least get some money out of them this way, drinks have a pretty good markup. After Sam's we stopped downtown to see the progress of the skatepark and then headed home. I fed Lance and got him ready for bed and Jeff brought in some lightning bugs he had caught and put in a baby food jar. We turned off the lights and enjoyed watching the bugs light up, I love lightning bugs, they are a sign that it is summertime. I always get excited the first time I notice them and sad in the fall when I realize that they are no longer there. It is funny how easily you can take them for granted and how exciting it is to notice they are back when it starts getting warmer. I am not a bug person, but they are pretty darn cool. On a random note: I sit here after a crazy day and being away from home for over 12 hours and I just have to say, I don't know how women can handle both children and a career outside of the home. How on earth do they do it? I got home and I was so tired and the last thing I want to do is cook dinner, clean, or really do much of anything. These last two days have made me very thankful that I don't have to work full time away from home and I have a totally new respect for those who do. This lifestyle is tough!

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