Tuesday, May 01, 2007

good time

Sunday was Lance's 1st Birthday party and it was so much fun. We had over 40 people come celebrate with us. We had tons of chairs set up in the yard and on the deck and looking out I felt so loved to see all of these people who joined us. I realized that afternoon that I love to entertain and bring people together. It is funny because this was more "my party" than Lance's but, the attention and focus really wasn't on either of us, it was more just a great opportunity to come together and hang out with everyone who has made an impact in our lives this past year. Jen, said that she enjoyed herself and that I need to entertain again because it was a great time and I hope I will be able to because it really was such a great time. I am kicking myself a little because I hardly took any pictures, I was trying to enjoy myself, but I know that since my personal photographer was there it should be well documented, or at least I hope so. The party was almost perfect. There was one minor incident that tried to steal my joy and succeeded a little bit, and I wish I could have let it just roll off, but I am getting better and I still had a great time. Just when I was coming off of my entertaining high I got a phone call yesterday from our friends from China who are in town for a week. We were able to have them over for dinner last night. We haven't seen them in two years and it was so good to see them. Though they are in the country because of a family illness it was so wonderful to see them and there three amazing children. Their youngest Selah, was so content and easy going, she made Lance look like a very difficult baby. Time flew by way to fast and I was sad when it was time to go. I know that their purpose is in China, but I so wish they lived in the U.S. they are such an amazing couple and I can learn so much from them and it is also amazing how we can easily enjoy their company despite the large gaps in time.

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