Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Lance!!!

I can't believe we have made it one whole year. It has been the fastest and slowest, hardest, but best year. We started out rough, but it has been quite an experience. I am very excited Lance is now one, but also very sad that he isn't my little baby anymore. His birthday is quite bittersweet. I know I can have another baby, but it won't be the same since I won't be able to give that baby all my energy and time, and the newness and unknown is gone. Some things haven't changed much, we haven't mastered table food so we are still mostly nursing, still in diapers, still not talking, but Lance doesn't have that desperate panicky cry he did as a newborn, and we still aren't sleeping all that much, but it doesn't bother us as much now. So here one year later, I cheer and cry over our first year as a family of 3.

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