Monday, May 07, 2007

we have steps

Friday Lance took his first unassisted steps, two, to be exact. John, Lance, and I went to stop by and see Jeff at the shop since John had a bad day at school. Lance was trying to get to a skateboard and he took two steps all by himself. He has been walking all around the house for awhile now, well around the perimeter of everything, he can really get around with one hand on something. Later that afternoon Lance made it three steps before crashing for my mom. He is still extremely wobbly, but I know he will have mastered walking before I know it. Also, he has also gotten quite good at going up and down our stairs and that is his new favorite thing to do, up and down, and up and down.
On a random note, I now know that if I am ever in a pinch and need some self-tanner I can use coffee. My mom was babysitting on Saturday while I was at a dance rehearsal and Lance got hold of her coffee cup and spilled it on the floor and then walked through it. His feet, two days later are still stained a medium skin tone self-tanner shade, it is quite funny, especially since it won't come off.

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