Thursday, February 01, 2007

yeah for Benadryl, kind of

Lance helping out in the kitchen:

Lance playing:

Lance has had a cold for two weeks now, with a really yucky nose for over a week. I am so ready for him to be well and no more yucky nose, no more coughing, and no more gagging until throwing up. Yesterday he threw up a little at 4 am and then twice when I was trying to clean at my mom's. I called the doctor because I was really beginning to get worried about my little man, he wasn't eating much and he was throwing up every now and then what little he did eat. The doctor called me back and told me not to be to concerned as long as he was having a wet diaper every 8-10 hours which he was and that throwing up was just one way he was getting rid of the mucus and protecting his lungs. He did say that I could give him a small amount of Benadryl and though I do not like to give Lance any kind of medicine the little guy needed some kind of relief. I went to the store yesterday and picked some up. We gave him some right before bedtime because we figured it would make him really sleepy and he would sleep all night long. I wish. He was up every 3 hours! It was like he was a newborn again, except he was only eating/awake for 10-15 minutes as opposed to a newborn who is up 25-45 minutes at a time. It was rough, but Lance did have a clear nose, he was able to consume as much milk as my poor body could make for him and he kept everything down since he wasn't coughing or trying to clear his nose. Though we only gave him one dose at 8 last night his nose stayed pretty good until 11 this morning and even that isn't as bad as it has been. He was crying in the car on the way back from our morning outing so that started the yucky nose back, but he wasn't too bad. We gave him a little more at 11 and as a result he only napped for half an hour, I actually don't know if the medicine is to blame since I had tried to get some vacuuming done, but I hope he will go down for a little bit since I am quite sleepy myself.
Today most of the school systems are out due to the threat of snow and so far there hasn't been any substantial snow. My mom had to go to school today and she laughed that her school system was the only one in the area that was open. They were originally calling for 2-4 inches of snow, but I am sure by now they have cut that down, I was trying to not get my hopes up, I really want it to snow!
Though I say this everyday, I really can't believe how Lance getting older and growing up before my eyes. He isn't my wee little baby anymore, but he sure is a lot of fun and into everything. He loves to pull up on everything, crawl around the house, dance to any kind of music, play with daddy bike, and go to his "happy place" i.e. my knitting basket (he pulls out all of the yarn and pulls it through his hands and mouth, he gets so excited when he gets into it, it is very cute.)

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donna said...

First of all, could your little man BE any cuter? I don't think so!

Second, Benadryl is a godsend for me as an adult, I can only imagine that it would help the wee ones too. I've never understood the warning that it may cause drowsiness or excitability. Obviously this is excitability for your guy....

Hang in, I hope he feels better and that you got your snow!


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