Monday, January 29, 2007

first cold down, million more to go

I think we are finally on the mend, this cold thing has not been fun. Poor Lance has barely been able to eat and thanks to his great gag reflex several meals took a return course. The yucky nose wasn't as yucky today and he have kept down everything and no gagging since 6:30 am Sunday. Last night was the first time in almost a week that he ate something, he was only nursing. Fortunately during this whole cold he slept pretty good at night, he just didn't eat well which led to a not good night for mommy. I thought my right side was going to explode Saturday night when he had gone 12 hours without eating from it, he was doing a one side every 4-6 hours and I didn't sleep very comfortably. So for the first time in a week things looked better for the little one and he is in a much better mood.
Lance's favorite thing right now is yarn. He loves to crawl over to my knitting basket and pull out everything. Today when I was changing out laundry he was playing with some yarn for Amy's scarf, I wonder if he will be a knitter one day.

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