Thursday, February 08, 2007

a snow day!

all bundled up, he looks like a gingerbread man:

in the snow:

It finally snowed here! Yes, it has snowed before and it has sleeted before, but we got real, beautiful snow that stays around for more than a few hours! It was awesome, the weather people were calling for a dusting if any and we got 3 inches! We had such a good day yesterday. Since it was a snow day we went over to babysit the boys and we had a good time with them in the snow. It is funny, when I taught high school snow days meant days off from work, now snow days mean a day to work, but it is fun and most importantly, Lance LOVES IT! He just can't get enough of the boys and he is easily entertained. Besides playing in the snow for the first time, Lance attempted stairs and he was quite the good stair climber. I had never let him get near stairs before, but yesterday while I was trying to make lunch he started up and under the watchful eyes of the boys he attempted stair climbing. It is exciting, yet makes life harder since he is now even more mobile, but he is so small in comparison and just so cute while attempting to make it up, I gotta love it.

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